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What is a Home Pet Sitting Visit?
Your pet sitter will come to your home on an informational visit prior to your trip. This information will enable the sitter to understand what is to be done for the pets in your absence. Then return to feed, exercise, and care for your pet while you're away.
Familiar Surroundings
If your pets could only tell to, "Please call the pet sitter," so that they could avoid the trauma of a boarding facility and exposure to airborne bacteria while you're on holiday, they would.
Owner Benefits
There's no imposition on family, friends or neighbors, and no inconvenience of transporting your pet. There is also an extra benefit offered by your Grand-Paw's Pet Sitting Services, Inc. sitter, many crimes-deterrent measures such as alternating house lights, opening and closing blinds and drapes, and bringing in the mail and newspapers.
Pet Benefits
Your pet enjoys their own food, served to them at the same time, in their own bowls, placed in their familiar spot. They will be kept on their regular routine, exercised in their own yard, or walked on their own leash down their familiar paths.
Exercising Your Pet
Your dogs will be walked according to your instructions or played with in the yard. Even kittens enjoy a hearty playtime.
Your pet sitter will feed your pets exactly as you have instructed, even microwaving their food for their enjoyment.
If your pet is taking medicine, we will follow the dosing instructions provided by your veterinarian. However, some medications need to be administered by the veterinarian. We will work with you to determine the best course of action.
Your sitter will not only be caring for your pet; they will also perform basic security for your home. They will check doors, windows, and lights, plus retrieving mail and packages for you.
Mid-Day Doggy Day Care
Our exclusive "day-care" mid-day visits are for those pets left alone for long hours while their owners are at work earning money for more dog food.  Your sitter will walk the dog, give snacks, and lots of cuddle time. If necessary, they will take care of any accidents so the home is clean on your return.

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